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Laminate Veneers

                                                                Laminate Veneers Treatment Overview

Veneers are the most common dental procedure these days, and they are one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. Veneers are a small prosthetic device made of thin material that creates a natural-looking smile. The operation begins with the removal of some enamel from the tooth, followed by the placement of veneers. The color, shape, and size of the teeth can all be easily changed with the resin cement utilized in the technique.


We understand that you don't want a phony grin, which is why we only use quality products for the perfect finish. Veneers in Turkey are the greatest option if you're looking for high-quality but low-cost dental veneers. Rosary Clinic in Turkey cordially invites you to spend your dental vacation in Turkey with us. With up to a 70% savings, you may purchase the highest-quality veneers.

In Turkey, we utilize quality dental brands for veneers to give the greatest outcomes. To prepare your veneer framework, we utilize the most popular E-Max brand. E-Max Veneer will give you the perfect natural smile because it gives the structure we prepare translucent and bright qualities. We place a high priority on brands and quality.



How many visits are required for veneers?

The tooth is molded and a perfect impression of the tooth is taken at the first appointment. After that, the impression is delivered to our in-house lab for processing. Veneers are custom-made for each patient in our own laboratory, resulting in a white, natural-looking smile. After that, the completed veneer is attached to the tooth. After that, any necessary modifications are done. In most cases, the procedure is completed in two appointments over the course of six days.


Is it an invasive or painful treatment?

Laminate veneers are increasingly thinner these days, so tooth carving is minimal. It's a straightforward procedure that's quick and painless.







What maintenance do the veneers need?

Laminate veneers must be cared for in the same way as natural teeth do. They are made of a material that is resistant to cavities, but they are attached to a region of the tooth that is susceptible to decay, so basic oral hygiene, such as brushing three times a day and flossing once a day, is always suggested.


Are laminate veneers vulnerable?

We should avoid powerful impacts, such as aggressive bites or blows with objects, just as we would with natural teeth. Enamel can shatter when chewing hard foods, biting nails, or clenching the teeth, just like natural teeth. It will cause fissures in the ceramic in the veneers, which if deepened can lead to a fracture. In contrast to composite veneers, laminate veneers cannot be fixed and must be replaced.

Do they look natural and aesthetic?

The aesthetics do not only come from the material. Skills of the dentist and the dental lab is highly important to achieve a natural and aesthetic result. At Rosary Clinic in Turkey, our highly experienced dentists and technicians works in a great collaboration to provide the most aesthetic dental veneers with only the top quality dental materials.

A laminate veneer is a thin, translucent, and lifelike artificial covering for the front or visible side of your teeth that looks almost identical to fake nails on your natural nails. We will prepare a thin layer of the finest material and mold it on the front side of your teeth for Veneer dental treatment.

Veneers are commonly utilized for cosmetic purposes and are not suggested for improving tooth functionality. Veneer Lamination, on the other hand, can assist you in achieving that Hollywood Smile. If you want permanent and long-lasting results, Veneer is the most effective and cost-effective treatment for your yellow and discoloured teeth.

Because veneer contains no metal, it creates a flawless natural and appealing smile. To supply you with sturdy and long-lasting Laminate Veneers that are resistant to cavities and cracks, we employ high-grade Porcelain material.

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Laminate Veneers Treatment Overview.
Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate Veneers.
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