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Beard Transplant

Our surgeons use forward-thinking, progressive beard transplant procedures that are practiced in globally recognized hospitals. This enables us to provide you with incredibly accurate and long-lasting outcomes that correspond to the beard look you desire. Our hair transplant surgeons have years of experience and have been rigorously checked and carefully chosen to ensure that we can guarantee a high level of service to all of our patients. Rosary Clinic beard transplants leave relatively little scarring in addition to giving you the same appearance you seek.

We are proud to deliver an affordable beard transplant surgery in Turkey that will provide you with the same high-quality level of service that you will get in the UK, but at a lower cost.  You will be equipped with luxurious 5-star hotel rooms in Istanbul as part of the expense of your beard transplant surgery.

We make certain that all of our patients have this high level of hotel lodging in order to take as much tension and anxiety away from the surgery as possible. In addition to hotel accommodations, you will be provided with an interpreter and host, as well as airport transfers. The only extras you'll need are return flights to Istanbul.


Beard transplantation is used by men who either never had a beard, have a thin beard, or have lost their beard due to an injury. It may also be used to hide scars and wounds. It is advised to delay beard transplantation until the age of 22. Following the doctor's test, it will be determined whether beard transplantation can be performed on people suffering from hormone conditions, heart disease, or diabetes.

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Beard Transplant

Keeping in contact with our welcoming team is the first step toward a beautiful beard. As the next move, our staff will be able to answer any questions you have about beard transplants in Turkey and will assist you in arranging a free consultation. You will be able to get answers to any questions you have during your interview, so we suggest that you come prepared with a mental list of everything you want to hear from our medical professionals. However, the appointment will be highly thorough, and we will make certain that you have all of the details you need. We will collaborate to develop a roadmap for the look you want to achieve and will supply you with a complete quote..

We sell a range of beard transplant methods in Turkey. This allows us to handle all styles of hair and build every kind of beard look you want. Our surgeons favor FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) because it makes for very accurate harvesting, nearly invisible incisions, and reduced scarring. We may also perform FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedures to assist you in achieving a particular look depending on your needs.

During the surgery, the physician will adhere to the care protocol you and your surgeon have decided upon. You will be covered by our care staff for one year following surgery and you are able to go home.When you are in Turkey, your host will be available to assist you with translations related to your surgery as well as transportation if you want to fly. This would make the transfer as easy and fun as possible.

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