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FUT Hair Transplantation

Often known as the 'strip method,' FUT hair transplantation involves the scalp's extraction of a strip of skin.
This is usually taken from the healthier growth area, often on the scalp's back or sides.
This strip is subsequently divided into 1-3 hair follicles.
A small incision is made in the dilution or hair loss area of the patient's scalp, and the follicles are implanted.

For many years, the hair transplantation system was dominated by FUT and although FUE has used that practice and provided a more modern alternative, the advantages of FUT are often taken into account.
A Turkey FUT hair transplant is often perceived as an option for those who are able to devote no more time to multiple dates of the transplantation of follicles transplantation in each sitting.

FUT transplants can also be suggested for patients with weaker follicles or limited accessibility to the donor, since FUT often observes higher survival rates for hair follicles during and after transplantation.
For those who need larger hair transplants, FUT procedures are also recommended.
This is because of the higher output of the necessary follicles and higher outcomes.

FUT Hair Transplant in Turkey

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While the FUT has become a method of choice for transplantation processes, FUT is still commonly used in Turkey while the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has taken over from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).
Loss of hair affects a large number of men and women in the UK and not all patients benefit from FUE procedures in the same manner.
As a result, FUT hair transplantation methods Turkey are still used and can give these patients lasting results.

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FUT in Turkey

Our FUT hair transplants are thoroughly discussed between you and your dedicated surgeon in Turkey at the Rosary Clinic Hair Transplant in order to determine whether this is the right choice for you and your expectations.
In your initial free consultation, your surgeon will tell you that you are likely to be a viable candidate, and then decide if FUE or FUT transplants are your choice. Unshaven hair transplantations, DHI hair transplantations, Afro hair transplants and PRP injections may also be suggested, depending on your individual condition.

In some cases, the color of your hair and the overall complexion can also be looked at by the surgeon or consultant to see whether transplant FUT or FUE is your ideal solution. It is because of the difference between your hair and scalp, the less prominent the contrast is, the more likely it is for a more complete cover. The amount of hair you currently have on your scalp needs to be taken into account. You're probably a good candidate for a hair transplant when you suffer from hair loss, but have a healthy donor area.
For those with scalp-wide hair loss, traditional FUE and FUT methods cannot benefit because of the insufficient area of donor available to be extracted.

You may want to consider certain risks or post-chirurgical effects if you choose a FUT hair transplant Turkey.

  • Scarring

  • Follicle Impairment

  • Numbness, Discomfort or Itching

  • Shock Hair Loss

  • Infection

  • Inflammation

While scarring is likely as a result of the removal of a strip of skin from the scalp, it will be minimized, as will the other potential side effects.
You will only be treated by accredited surgeons who perform FUT transplants on a regular basis and will adhere to all best practices to ensure a successful transplant.

We also provide 12-month aftercare support to ensure that any potential risks or challenges are addressed in a timely manner, resulting in more efficient and effective results for each patient.

fut transplant in turkey

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