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FUE Technique is a more advanced method when compared to FUT. Individual grafts that contain strands of hair are extracted one by one from the donor area which is the back and side of the head by using a special electronic device called micromotor. FUE is carried out under local anesthethics, which means the patient feels no pain during the procedure. After the extraction of hair follicles, they are grafted one by one to the bald areas on the scalp.


FUE  is the most advanced hair transplant technique today since it does not require any surgical involvement. Unlike FUT Technique it leaves no scar or stitches on the extraction area. Recovery period for FUE is usually between 7 to 10 days depending on the patient.

As Rosary Clinic, we use FUE technique that is a proven, most effective and minimally invasive procedure in which individual hair follicles removed from genetically stronger areas of your scalp, named as “donor area” are transplanted to a thinning or no hair area. FUE hair transplantation yields successful results in terms of hair density, natural looking hair and no scarring. 

FUE has become the procedure of choice by patients worldwide and FUT procedure is now outdated for many clinics. The main factors that patients and surgeons prefer FUE nowadays, are stated above as scarring, post-operation comfort and healing time. 

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Through the state-of-the-art facilities based in Istanbul, and innovative technologies, the FUE hair transplant technique offered by the experts Longevita refers you to provides a simple solution for hair loss in both men and women.

FUE Hair Transplantation

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FUE Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method that makes each individual follicle being harvested and removed individually from the donor area which is at the back of the head. They will then be transplanted back into the bald patches by series of small incisions. These grafts are mostly taken from the back and sides of the scalp, as these are most commonly placed to be the areas of the healthiest and most dense hair growth.

As mentioned before, the FUE hair transplant in istanbul is done through a range of tiny incisions made into the head that are typically only 0.2mm to 0.8mm wide to prevent any scarring. A device called Micromotor are used for the follicle to be removed without effecting the surrounding follicles and will help to make sure that the hair graft isn’t damaged during the operation.

During the hair transplant surgery in Turkey, the surgeons will make sure that each graft is inserted at an angle that matches the natural growth on your head and at a fullness and density like your existing hairs. We acknowledge the importance of achieving a natural result, especially as the hair begins to regrow fully

Because of the density of hairs needed for a natural results in some cases, your FUE hair transplant in Turkey can take a substantial amount of time. The complexity of the surgery will be talked over with you in full during your first consultation and before you are required to make any deposit payment. The FUE method has become the most popular hair transplantation method because of the limited scarring which is the advantage of this particular technique.

fue hair transplant in istanbul

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Hair Transplant with Rosary Clinic

Rosary Clinic doctors perform hair transplantation by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique as a final solution for male hair baldness with experienced hair experts in Istanbul. Over 2000 happy patients had hair implantation with the support of Rosary Clinic and all-inclusive package which includes; Fixed price regardless of number of grafts, 1 PRP Session, accommodation at a 5-star hotel, aftercare set and medications.

Operations are performed only in hospitals that are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy. You can contact us now and have a free consultation with our specialists.

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