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Ice FUE in Turkey

Biotin is a mineral that is abundant in the ICE FUE solution. This stone, combined with the other components of the solution, creates an ideal atmosphere for the formation of fresh hair follicles, reducing the onset of harmful free radicals and eliminating toxins from the grafts themselves.

Your surgeon will also go over the ICE FUE solution in depth with you, so make a note of any questions you have because they will be able to give you all the answers you need right away! They will also go through the sort of hair transplant treatment you choose, the costs involved, and all other pertinent information for you. After your appointment, you will be one step closer to receiving your ICE graft hair transplant in Istanbul or Izmir!


If you choose Rosary Clinic for your ICE FUE hair transplant operation in Turkey, you should be certain that you will be handled and cared for by some of the region's finest and most skilled surgeons and nurses. We have a large team of globally qualified surgical practitioners who have performed many hair transplants. Furthermore, when you return to the UK, we will have an aftercare service to secure your new hair transplant while maintaining longevity and ensuring you know exactly how to care for your new hair.

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In Turkey, an ICE graft hair transplant is almost equivalent to a conventional FUE hair transplant; grafts are still collected and transplanted in the same fashion, and the rest of the treatment is the same. However, there is one major difference in the procedure that separates the ICE graft hair transplant from the FUE form, and that is that in an ICE graft hair transplant, the grafts are processed in a special solution that is itself preserved at an exceptionally low temperature, thus the term ICE graft. The ICE graft has many advantages, both during the surgery and in terms of the survival and consistency of the hair after it has been transplanted.

The ICE graft hair transplant Turkey technique is a well-known way of preserving cell/tissue in surgeries, transplants, and other surgical procedures. It is incredibly common, and with good cause, and has a long history in modern medicine. As a consequence, its introduction into hair transplant procedures is both normal and awaited.

The hair grafts themselves are stronger and more stable after being treated in the ICE FUE solution and transplanted into the target region, allowing them a much longer lifetime.

The temperature of the solution used in the ICE graft hair transplant in Turkey has anti-inflammatory properties; however, the temperature has a beneficial effect on the patient, calming the transplantation areas during surgery.

ICE FUE Transplant Turkey

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