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DHI Hair Transplantation

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method in Istanbul is a new and modern way for those experiencing hair loss to have a hair transplant. With the use of Choi Pen, an experienced surgeon can achieve precise and effective transplant with the extra benefit of each graft only being outside of the donor area for a short period of time to increase the survival rate of each graft. As Rosary Clinic, we are dedicated to offering a service that gives you with the results that is completely natural and desired. With DHI transplant in Turkey you can all-inclusive packages for affordable cost.

Rosary Clinic is known as a leader when it comes to all-inclusive package hair transplants in Turkey. This is mainly because only the most trained experts, like Trichologists does the DHI hair transplant process, and they can complete even most meticulous hair treatments. Our team's profound knowledge allows us to offer the widest range of transplant techniques available throughout the industry.

This means that we can perform the DHI hair transplantation in Turkey in Istanbul's internationally accredited clinics, with incredible results each time.
The Choi Implanter Pen innovation has proven very popular for anyone who wants to give their hair a new lease of life where the hair loss is minimal.

Direct Haire Implantation (DHI) is one of the latest techniques for hair transplantation by the use of a particular DHI Pen, also known as DHI Implanter or CHOI Pen.

DHI uses a CHOI pen to control every implanted follicle's angle, depth and direction.
In the DHI method, the channel opening is not necessary as the extracted grafts are implanted directly in the recipient area with CHOI pen.

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Choi Pen for DHI

The Choi Implanter Pen is the primary instrument for completing the best impact on the Turkish DHI hair transplant process.
Though this course of treatment has often been overlooked since initiation, more people are now beginning to see how it will benefit them in the long term, especially if an efficient hair implant can be found in Turkey.

You will notice that the strain on your head during a DHI hair transplant is significantly lower than if you use more typical methods for a Turkish hair implant, like follicular unit transplants (FUT).
Our surgeons' actions will minimize any worsening of the scalp as hair is removed and placed in the problem areas.

This is because the Choi Implanter Pen works best when it works one at a time with hair follicles.Compared to traditional FUT procedures, the healing period of our DHI hair implant in Turkey is significantly reduced.That's because of the short time a follicle is outside the scalp and the small incisions that are used to place it. Faster healing also reduces scar tissue, so that results are much more natural.

The Choi Implanter Pen makes it possible to remove the hair with the most accurate incisions, making DHI hair implantation one of the best solutions for hair loss in Turkey.
You can cope with thinning or weak areas of the hair with the highest impact because the procedure is known to deliver excellent results.

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