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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant

Here you can find frequently asked questions about Hair Transplant by stages along with their answers;


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  • Can I use tobacco, tobacco products, or smoke before getting a hair transplant?"
    Tobacco or tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes), shisha, hookah (water pipe), and so on, should be avoided.It is best not to smoke on the day of the operation. Nicotine causes excessive bleeding, so it is best not to smoke or consume any product that contains nicotine. Finally, smoking exposes you to toxic chemicals that may harm your hair follicles or graft.If you are unable to quit smoking before the operation, we recommend that you limit the amount of smoking you do just before the operation.
  • Does the hair transplant take precautionary steps?
    At least 10 days before the hair transplant procedure, it is not advisable to take alcohol, tobacco, green tea, coffee, and any blood thinner (for example, Aspirin).
  • What kind pre-operative tests are done before hair transplant surgery?
    We will do a blood cell test to ensure your blood does not have any anemia or infection by testing the amount of whites and red blood cells. We will also check your blood for diseases that are transmitted, such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, syphilis, etc.
  • Can I consume or drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages prior to the hair transplant?
    It is not permitted to drink for seven (7) days, or one week, prior to the operation.
  • Why should I choose Turkey for a hair transplant?
    Turkey is now one of the world's top destinations for hair implants. Turkey has a large number of clinics and many experienced clinicians who can provide high-quality services at a low cost.
  • What to look for when choosing the best clinic for my hair transplant in Turkey?
    There are a number of renowned clinics in Istanbul among the many clinics located in Turkey. We recommend that you learn as much as possible about the care available, care guarantee in a hospital or clinic, the transplant procedure itself, the operating hygienic and sterile environment, the quality of healthcare professionals, and the type of hair transplant experience. In order to see which patients are satisfied with which clinics you should also examine online reviews by previous patients.
  • How can I decide my new hairline?
    Before the hair transplant, the new hairline is agreed to (comply) with the medical team and is based on the position of the fore muscles on the scalp (taking into consideration your age, the size of the bald area and the symmetry of your face).
  • When should I make a payment?
    Payment is made in cash on the day of the hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Can I bring a guest with me?
    Because the hair transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you do not need to bring anyone with you to Turkey. When you stay at the hotel in Istanbul, you can bring an adult with you at no extra charge. Please bring only one companion because if you bring more than one person to Istanbul, you will have to pay extra money for accommodation at the hotel where you will be staying. You are also welcome to bring one (1) child under the age of six (6) for free. If you bring more than one adult or more than one child to Istanbul, you must pay an additional twenty 15 Pounds per night per person to the hotel.
  • Should I shave my hair before hair transplant?
    Do not shave your hair before the procedure because we want to see the density of your hair and the direction in which it grows. We don't have to shave or remove all of your hair from your head because the hair implant will take place in a specific area (front line, golf courses, or vertex). The donor area will be shaved only. However, it is recommended that you shave or remove all of your hair from your head so that our medical staff can perform the operation as carefully and easily as possible. It is also more hygienic after the procedure. Finally, shaving off all of your hair before the operation reduces the amount of post-operative side effects such as itchiness, etc.
  • Can one take influence on the appearance of hair?
    Yes, that is possible. If the patient wishes a particular direction of growth, he should talk to the doctor to find a common solution. Have the hair finally taken their growth, and they may be styled as usual.
  • What are the risks a hair transplant?
    Since it is not an operation under general anesthesia, the risks are relatively low. Under certain circumstances, there may be an intolerance of the local anesthetic. Side effects of the transplant itself are unknown.
  • How long does a hair transplant take?
    For the actual transplant, the doctor takes approximately 3 to 5 hours. Since the transplant includes a preliminary examination etc. patients should plan about two days for the hair transplant. After about 15 days, the last traces of the intervention are faded.
  • Can foreign hair also be transplanted?
    There will be only used your own hair for the hair transplant. It is like an organ transplant, it only because of the lifelong medications work, the body would reject the foreign hair directly.
  • For how long the transplanted hair will grow?
    There is no limit to hair growth. Because it is the body’s hair, they lead their growth directly elsewhere continue and grow as long as permitted by the genetic hair length of the patient.
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