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Is a FUE Hair Transplant painful?

Hair transplant procedures are very smooth and, in general, among the safest procedures in medicine. Many people are perplexed by the risks and the procedure. To begin with, hair transplant surgery is regarded as one of the safest procedures. There are few risks involved in many ways. Furthermore, because it is a very safe and smooth operation, most people are eligible for it.

Many people, on the other hand, are curious about the pain involved in the procedure. So, how painful is a FUE hair transplant? Because of the local anesthetics, the patient feels no pain during the procedure. Many patients describe their experience during the procedure as painless, relaxed, and close to falling asleep.

Does the Hair Transplant Procedure Hurt?

The only part of a hair transplant that will cause mild discomfort is the application of local anesthetics. So, while the operation itself is not painful due to local anesthesia, its administration may cause some discomfort. To ensure our patients' comfort, we use a gradual sedation system at Rosary Clinic. This system begins with oral anesthetics and progresses to local anesthetics. In this case, the patient is relaxed and the pain is minimized.

For patients who suffer from severe anxiety or phobia, a phase of analgesic gas may be included in the gradual sedation system. This provides more comfort and ensures a smooth operation. In this way, hair transplant procedures at Rosary Clinic strive to provide our patients with the most comfortable and relaxed procedures possible. You can contact us today to learn more about FUE Hair Transplant in Istanbul.

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