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Norwood Scale

The rate of hair loss ranges from person to person. Dr. O'Tar Norwood developed the Norwood scale to determine the degree of hair loss in men. Using this grading by looking at the various types, you will get an understanding of how much hair needs to be transplanted, such as whether it is bald.

  • Grade 1: The patient has not had significant hair loss. In this situation, hair transplantation is not advised.

  • Grade 2: Hair loss in men often starts in the temples. This will continue for several years. Hair transplantation is generally recommended when hair loss approaches a critical level.

  • Grade 3: Hair loss has been going on for a couple years at this point. Hair transplantation is often advised.

  • Grade 4: This degree is distinguished by hair loss at the temples and on the head (as well as so-called coves). The majority of hair transplant decisions are taken here.

  • Classes 5 and 6: Hair loss has advanced to a crucial level at both the temples and the top of the head. Hair transplantation is a very popular decision in this region.

  • Grade 7: This is the last chance for having a hair transplant in Istanbul. However, due to donor area limits, only the hairline can be repaired, leaving the rest of the head somewhat naked.

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